Terms & Conditions

The project has now finished, but this page has been left here as a reference resource.

By taking part in the Tenby & Aberystwyth Story Project Survey you are agreeing to the following terms & conditions:

I understand that I am agreeing to take part in the Tenby & Aberystwyth Story Project. I understand that I will be asked to share a story about my town’s coast and/or seafront and how I would like to see it managed. I understand that taking part is voluntary and I can withdraw at any point. I understand that it involves one survey which I can terminate at any point. I understand that my contributions will be made publicly available on the Tenby & Aberystwyth Story Project website, and that I am free to contact the project to have my contribution withdrawn at any time. I confirm that I have read and understood the Frequently Asked Questions.

I understand that my contribution may be used in the MA research of Flossie Baldock and any publications arising from that research. I understand that this will not affect my moral right to be identified as the ‘performer’ in accordance with the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988. I understand that in assigning copyright of the contribution that Aberystwyth University shall enjoy all rights pertaining to its intellectual property.

I knowingly and voluntarily permit Aberystwyth University the full use of this information and hereby grant and assign to Aberystwyth University all rights of every kind pertaining to this information, whether or not such right are now known, recognised or contemplated. I understand that a copy of my contribution will be stored in the Department of History and Welsh History at Aberystwyth University after the project has ended.