Sally Pomme Clayton: Tenby

Digging in the sand on castle beach. hearing the lifeboat flares go up at night. Watching the lighthouse on Caldy island from my grandparents house. Seeing Lundy island appear and reappear mysteriously. Ice creams at Mr Fettichis. Shops seeling buckets and spades so exciting. Rock pools. My gradnfather joining the Boxing day swim on North Beach eveyr year. Walking round the back streets of Tenby to find the potter and his wheel and the other craft shops. The view from the very top of the hight street across North Beach.

David & Sue: Tenby

My wife and I renewed our vows on 26th September 2015 in Tenby.

We took all 21 rooms at the Royal Lion Hotel Tenby. 56 adults and 16 children (aged 12 yrs and under)attended. The “Ceremony” was held at 3pm on The North Beach near Goscar Rock in glorious sunshine. My brother officiated and we exchanged rings after renewing our vows and posing for photographs. Back to the Hotel for a reception, followed by a great DJ from Haverfordwest (Farmer by day and DJ by night)
It can only be described as a Super Day and was enjoyed by all. The Hotel’s staff did a great job and their hospitality and attention to detail could not be faulted. All in all we were so happy to be back in my home town once again (we visit regularly) to celebrate many years of marriage.
We will be back soon. David & Sue

Anonymous: Tenby

over 20 years I visited Tenby a couple of times a year. I always park on the roadside above the north beach where I have always loved to peer over the stone wall at a garden that is perched on the edge of the cliff, stuffed with all kinds of fruits and vegetables growing in neat rows. Then I would stroll down the road past all the hotels and go for a cup of coffee in Julians café above the harbour