Sally Pomme Clayton: Tenby

Digging in the sand on castle beach. hearing the lifeboat flares go up at night. Watching the lighthouse on Caldy island from my grandparents house. Seeing Lundy island appear and reappear mysteriously. Ice creams at Mr Fettichis. Shops seeling buckets and spades so exciting. Rock pools. My gradnfather joining the Boxing day swim on North Beach eveyr year. Walking round the back streets of Tenby to find the potter and his wheel and the other craft shops. The view from the very top of the hight street across North Beach.

Anonymous: Tenby

I remember one time I visited Tenby to go to Caldey Island. There is a boat that you have to take to get to the island. While I was there I bought some rosary beads from the shop belonging to the Abbey there. I still have the beads in their original box and I even have the paper bag they came in folded up at the very bottom of the box. On that same trip we swam in the sea off the island. The water got deep very quickly and was extremely cold. The thing I remember most is that you had to go on a boat to get there. Not a car ferry or bridge, but a little boat, which made it even more memorable.