Anonymous: Aberystwyth

The first time I remember visiting Aber I stayed in a hotel on the seafront with my daughter. It was misty when we arrived and we could hardly see the sea. At night as I went to sleep I could hear the waves, such a beautiful sound that has stayed with me ever since. When we awoke the next morning it was clear and there was the sea looking gorgeous!

Anonymous: Tenby

I love the views in Tenby. Every time I visit I enjoy looking across the harbour to see the sea and the beautifully coloured buildings on the sea front. I love the beaches too and have happy memories of playing on the beach, building sandcastles and paddling with my daughter, mum and sisters.

Anonymous: Dinbych-y-Pysgod

Rwyf o hyd yn cysylltu Dinbych y Pysgod gyda ffrindiau. O rhannu pryd o fwyd yn un o’r bwytai ar ymyl y bae i fwynhau noson allan yn y dref, mae ffrindiau o’r dyddiau ysgol yn bresennol yn yr holl atgofion yma.
Cofiaf y rhannu teithiau i Dinbych y Pysgod ac yn ôl yn hynod o eglur. Dyma oedd y cyfod i ddal i fyny, i drin a trafod materion mawr y dydd, a’r cyfle i hel y newyddion diweddaraf am ddigwyddiadau bywyd y gweddill! Ar ôl cyrraedd Dinbych y Pysgod mi fyddau’r orymdaith o’r maes parcio i dy ffrind yn dechrau. Dwi’n sicr i ni dderbyn sawl edrychiad syn wrth i ni gerdded o’r maes parcio, a thrwy ganol y dref gyda’n holl deunyddiau cysgu at dy ein ffrind. Yna byddau’r siarad, y storio, a’r tynnu coes yn ail ddechrau wrth i ni, y criw ohonom, cael ein ail ymuno ynghyd.
Yn dilyn ymlaen o hyn, ac wrth iddi nosi dros Dinbych y Pysgod, mi fyddem yn symud ymlaen i amryw dafarndai’r dref er mwyn ymlacio a mwynhau ein hun yn llif ein siarad, a llif y diod, a hynny hyd oriau man y bore. Yna’r dychwelyd i gysgu ar lawr caled, ond hynny’n digon derbyniol i ni yn sgil pleser ail ymuno a ffrindiau da.
Y diwrnod dilynol mi fyddent gan amlaf yn gorffen ein ymweliad a Dinbych y Pysgod, a’r ymgasglu o ffrindiau, gyda pryd o fwyd yn un o gaffis neu bwytai y dref, a mwynhau y tywydd a’n cwmni cyn y daith adref. Taith digon gymysg o rhan teimladau fyddau’r daith yna yn ol o Dinbych y Pysgod pob tro. Mi fyddau yna rhyw deimlad o siom wrth wybod y byddau cyn amser yn mynd heibio cyn ein ail ymuno fel criw, ond eto rhyw hapusrwydd o’r cwrdd i fyny, a ail brofi melysder ein cwmni llawn a llawen.

Sally Pomme Clayton: Tenby

Digging in the sand on castle beach. hearing the lifeboat flares go up at night. Watching the lighthouse on Caldy island from my grandparents house. Seeing Lundy island appear and reappear mysteriously. Ice creams at Mr Fettichis. Shops seeling buckets and spades so exciting. Rock pools. My gradnfather joining the Boxing day swim on North Beach eveyr year. Walking round the back streets of Tenby to find the potter and his wheel and the other craft shops. The view from the very top of the hight street across North Beach.

David & Sue: Tenby

My wife and I renewed our vows on 26th September 2015 in Tenby.

We took all 21 rooms at the Royal Lion Hotel Tenby. 56 adults and 16 children (aged 12 yrs and under)attended. The “Ceremony” was held at 3pm on The North Beach near Goscar Rock in glorious sunshine. My brother officiated and we exchanged rings after renewing our vows and posing for photographs. Back to the Hotel for a reception, followed by a great DJ from Haverfordwest (Farmer by day and DJ by night)
It can only be described as a Super Day and was enjoyed by all. The Hotel’s staff did a great job and their hospitality and attention to detail could not be faulted. All in all we were so happy to be back in my home town once again (we visit regularly) to celebrate many years of marriage.
We will be back soon. David & Sue

Anonymous: Aberystwyth

1) When I was at school I was one of the last in my year class to learn how to swim independently. By the time I was 10 years old I was beginning to get really frustrated that I couldn’t overcome the fear of letting go of the floatation aid etc. At that time my family took me on a half-term holiday to mid Wales, and we spent a day in Aber. We played on the beach and in the sea, and for some reason I remember thinking ‘What the heck, just swim’. So I did: just swim, in the sea, at Aberystwyth. You should have seen the look on the face of my swimming teacher at school the next week.

2) In February 2008, my wife and I went to visit my sister at Aberystwyth Uni for the day. The weather was freakishly warm for February, and I remember driving down the hill along Penglais Rd past droves of student in shorts and T-shirts. We spent the afternoon walking through the town and along the New Promenade taking photos of everything and anything in order to make novel Valentines cards.
And then came the perfect sunset. In that last 30 minutes before we lost the sun behind the horizon, the starlings came out from beneath the pier and gave an incredible show under a deep orange sky. After this we went onto the beach beneath the castle grounds and found an abundance of flat pebbles perfect for skimming across the rock pools. All-in-all a great day. The only downside is Aberystwyth has perhaps the worst takeout food in the whole of the country. I don’t know how the students put up with it.

Cédric Rischitelli: Aberystwyth

When I first arrived in Aberystwyth, I did not had the opportunity to go to the seafront. I just arrived from Italy, tired, with two suitcase of 25 kilos each and a tall hill in front of me. At that moment, the only thing I wanted was to get “home” and have the longest nap of my life.
Once I arrived in my new accommodation in top of the hill, I found myself in a room that face the sea. In that moment, even if far away from the coast, I realised how beautiful the seafront is.
The sea, sometime bright and sometime dark. The blue sky turning slowly pink red because of the sunset. The sea eagle’s sound. It was an unforgettable view, and I had the chance to see it changing every day of my student life so far.

Anonymous: Tenby

I remember one time I visited Tenby to go to Caldey Island. There is a boat that you have to take to get to the island. While I was there I bought some rosary beads from the shop belonging to the Abbey there. I still have the beads in their original box and I even have the paper bag they came in folded up at the very bottom of the box. On that same trip we swam in the sea off the island. The water got deep very quickly and was extremely cold. The thing I remember most is that you had to go on a boat to get there. Not a car ferry or bridge, but a little boat, which made it even more memorable.

Anonymous: Tenby

The thing I remember about my visits to Tenby is the excitement of walking through the stone gateway in the old wall into the knot of narrow streets that take you down to harbour. There was a little gallery that we visited where we bought beautiful pictures of the Welsh countryside.

Hilary: Aberystwyth

When visiting Aber a few years ago to meet family and were surprised to find a cycling race all through the town. We managed to find a parking space on the harbour front then we had to find our way along the front around all the race barriers to meet up. It was a hot sunny day and the town was packed with students and people watching the race. The atmosphere was wonderful- What a loverly day